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Rose Gun Advanced RTU 750ml


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An all purpose combination spray for roses and ornamentals, protecting against a wide … Do not spray when shade temperatures are near 30°C or higher. …
Kills insect pests and mites on contact and systemically works from within the plant to control insect pests and diseases. For use on roses and ornamentals in the home garden.
• Controls the most common rose pest & disease problems.
• Highly effective combination of a synthetic pyrethoid insecticide, a systemic insecticide and a systemic broad spectrum fungicide.
• The insecticide works via both contact and stomach action, and the systemic insecticide and fungicide are absorbed into the plant’s system and is translocated around the plant to control disease – works from the inside out.
• Controls mites and whitefly.
• Easy-to-use trigger pack – no mixing required, no measuring, no mess.
How It Works
Systemic insecticide and fungicide + contact insecticide
Imidaclorprid, Tau-fluvalinate & myclobutanil