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  • Unique design, plastic and reusable
  • Strong and durable, heavy duty design
  • Serrated jaws for maximum strength

How to Use

  1. Before setting the trap, apply bait in the tray provided using a small amount of bait such as peanut butter, hazelnut spread or RATSAK®Attractant Gel into the bait tray.
  2. Place trap where signs of rodent activity are visible or along walls where rats travel.
  3. Place trap at right angles to the wall in areas where rats are a problem.
  4. Place two traps 4-5 metres apart for best results. 
  5. Carefully set the trap by pushing the lever all the way down until the trap locks into place. ALWAYS USE CAUTION WHEN SETTING.
  6. After the rat has been trapped, lift the lever and open the trap for a no-touch disposal of the dead rat.  There is no need to touch the rat. 
  7. Reuse as required.


  • Eliminate as far as practical all alternative food sources.
  • Place 2 traps 4-5 metres apart where rats are evident. Leave the traps for 48 hours to avoid trap shyness.
  • Move the traps to a new location after 48 hours if rats are still present.   
  • Keep food stored in sealed containers.  
  • Repair holes, cracks and creivces that may encourage rats to enter the building.