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Phoenix Metalfix 1000 White 1L

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METALFIX 1000 is a single pack water-based primer which is designed for application onto non-rusted surfaces, such as new or clean steelwork, new or weathered aluminium, new or weathered galvanised steel, plastic, timber, etc, to form a non-toxic film. The coating is the “twin sister” to METALFIX, which is designed mainly for application over well-rusted steel.
The METALFIX 1000 does have a slight rust converting action, and can be used over lightly rusted steel work (e.g, new steel bearing a “rust bloom”) where it cures into a tough abrasion-resistant skin which is impervious to further rusting. The coating will operate from minus 40 degrees Centigrade to up to 1000 degrees Centigrade, and, if required, may be over-coated with any other top coat, whether oil or water based.