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Laser Imex Cross Line Plumb


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Imex LX22
Imex is releasing the all new LX22 series crossline, plumb spot laser with the very latest Imex laser EDGE technology and innovative features that will make it the next legend affordable laser for all interior trades. With new technology high definition laser diodes emitting a stronger more highly visible beam for longer distances, plumb up and down, pinpoint accuracy dots and slope locking mode the new LX22 is the most versatile laser for professional tradesman.

The unique swivel base magnetic bracket fits either a small or large tripod and a mounting screw fixing that is in alignment with the horizontal beam for easy wall mount set-up. The unit comes with laser glasses, target plate and carry case and can be purchased as a unit or as a packaged set with an elevating tripod.
• 1 Vertical, 1 Horizontal beam. Self levelling.
• Outdoor mode for use with a detector.
• Locking pendulum for use in slope mode.
• Ideal tool for cabinet installation, tiling, electrical and more.
If you have any questions or require more information about the Imex LX22G please contact us.