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Greenhouse Mini Yates


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An all purpose self contained mini greenhouse. Ideal for producing perfect seedlings or plants from cuttings.
• 3 adjustable airflow vents to give perfect control of humidity within the minigreenhouse.
• Includes reusable 48 cell tray.
How It Works
It retains warmth, humidity and shelter from damaging winds while preventing the seed raising mix from drying out, just like a professional greenhouse.
Directions for use
1) Fill punnet trays with moist seed raising mix.
2) Insert 3 or 4 seeds in each punnet section.
3) Cover lightly with seed raising mix or for best results with vermiculite.
4) Water gently, keep moist, but not over wet. Keep top vent open and side vents closed.
5) Keep propagation unit out of direct sunlight. Open side vents to release any excess moisture as plants approach transplanting stage.
6) After germination, remove weaker plants, leaving only the strongest plant in each punnet section.
7) Plant out after 2 full leaves have developed.