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Galmet® Ironize is a fast reacting rust converter and sealer which can be applied directly to a rusty surface.
Galmet® Ironize is used where it is impossible or impractical to remove rust before painting.
Once treated with Galmet® Ironize the rusted surface does not require the application of a Cold Galvanizing product. Cold Galvanizing needs to be applied directly to clean steel.
Clean up and use of Galmet® Ironize is easy because it is water based. Galmet® Ironize does not need to be rinsed off the surface before top-coating like other similar products on the market.
• No residue to wash off before recoating
• Converts and seals rust in one easy step
• Enamel paint can be applied after 3 hours
• Easy to use and may be applied to damp surfaces
• Provides a tough and flexible film