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Dunlop Reinforcing Mat 190mm x 10m

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Dunlop Reinforcing Mat
This mat reinforces corners, joints and cracks. DUNLOP WATERPROOFING REINFORCING MAT is an integral part of the DUNLOP waterproofing system.
• Reinforces and seals corners, joints and cracks to ensure proper waterproofing membrane thickness in wet areas
• Use with Dunlop Undertile Waterproofing
• Specifications
Wall/floor junctions, wall/wall junctions, cracks, sheet joints, over metal/PVC angles, at 90º edges – external edge of balcony, over shower hob and hob/floor joint
Reinforcing waterproofing membrane in critical areas; helping to ensure proper membrane thickness; and enabling immediate application of a second waterproofing coat. Also acts as a carrier for difficult to get at areas and smooths rough joints to ensure good membrane coverage.
Size – 190mm x 10m