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DSATCO Sugar Cane Mulch 55L


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      • HOW TO USE

      DSATCO Sugar Cane Mulch can be applied at various concentrations. Coverage will vary accordingly.
      Spread over desired area. If you are mulching for the first time, spread the mulch to a depth of 50-100mm.

      If you are replenishing your mulch layer, mulch to a depth of 30-40mm.

      Leave a little space between the stem of the plants and the mulch.

      Water thoroughly to improve water retention, and to protect the soil from wind damage.


      • Adds Nutrients
        Sugar Cane Mulch builds soil carbon, creating a healthier soil for growth.

      • Saves Water
        Sugar Cane Mulch retains moisture into the soil, saving water.

      • Increases Soil Biology
        Sugar Cane Mulch has microbial bacteria that grows naturally within it, this creates an ideal environment for worms to grow and flourish.

      • Environmentally Friendly
        Sugar Cane Mulch is produced from farm waste residues making this product environmentally sustainable, while supporting local farmers.

      • Builds Soil Structure
        As the Sugar Cane Mulch breaks down into the soil, turning the organic material into humus, the soil carbon content is increased.