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Crommelin Sealer Enhance Satin 15L

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Enhance Satin
Enhance Satin is a tough satin finish surface treatment that provides protection, restores & enhances natural colours. The product has been modified to promote extremely low dirt pick up, making treated areas easier to maintain and keep clean. Worn or damaged areas can be recoated without stripping or grinding and most stains are easily removed by detergents.
Features & Benefits
• Extends the life of concrete pavers by up to 40%
• Provides a clear, non-yellowing film
• Resists oils, grease and general dirt pick up
• Suppresses efflorescence
• Retains the natural colour of the pavers, even in heavy use areas
Areas of Use
• All previously uncoated areas of concrete requiring a stain-resistant durable finish
• Domestic walkways and driveways
• Warehouse floors
• Bus stations
• Shopping malls
• Pedestrian areas
• Pattern concrete
• Stencilled concrete