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Crommelin Blackseal Bitumen

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Crommelin BLACKSEAL HEAVY DUTY Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane is a synthetic rubber co-polymer modified waterproofing membrane engineered for use in sub-grade areas and where not exposed to UV.

BLACKSEAL is a heavy duty, effective and economical waterproofing membrane designed for areas that do not require painting, tiling over or a finishing coat. BLACKSEAL is extremely strong and remains highly flexible, even under the most demanding of waterproofing situations. BLACKSEAL is easy to apply and remains water tight under permanently wet conditions.

Note: Not suitable to be tiled over, use Crommelin Shower Waterproofing Membrane in this situation. Not suitable for use if UV stability is required, use Crommelin High UV Resistant Roof & Wall Membrane in these situations.

• Excellent waterproof performance, remaining flexible and watertight in permanently wet conditions.
• Prevents damage, efflorescence, mould growth, staining and paint peeling associated with moisture transfer.
• Excellent adhesion to substrates.
• Non-toxic, non-flammable.
• Suitable for permanent immersion.
• Economical, fast drying and easy to use.
• May be diluted with up to 50% water to produce a bitumen paint.