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Baileys NPK Fertiliser 4kg


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Baileys N.P.K. Blue is a premium grade, high analysis, broad spectrum fertiliser. It is ideal commercially for use on all turfed areas such as sporting grounds, school ovals and parks. It is also widely used in horticulture for vineyards, orchards and nurseries. Domestically is it an ideal broad spectrum garden and lawn fertiliser. It will replenish depleted soils with the broad array of essential nutrients it contains to promote healthy, vigorous growth.


  • Contains a balanced formula of the major plant nutrients plus essential trace elements needed for plant health and vigour.
  • Has a high potassium quality, essential on sandy soils where it is easily leached.
  • Replenishes depleted soils with essential macro and micro nutrients.
  • Encourages root development in turf, ideal after renovations or leading into and coming out of winter dormancy.
In turf, potassium improves tolerance to stresses such as weather extremes, general wear and disease. Good levels of potassium will move moisture and nutrients to the growing points of the plant and promote healthy root development. Yellow soft leaves with a poorly developed root system are a usual sign of potassium deficiency. 
In plants potassium improves the quality and quantity of floral blooms and improves tolerance to stress. Healthy dark green looking foliage is a sign of good levels of potassium. Deficiency causes stunting with necrotic leaves. Plants struggle to handle hot conditions as water translocation throughout the plant is minimised