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Armor All Vent Air Freshener New Car


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• Fragrance lasts 40 days*
• Adjustable fragrance strength

1. Turn the diffuser to the maximum opening.
2. Twist to remove the cap of the bottle.
3. While keeping the bottle in a vertical position, insert the bottle into the diffuser with a light pressure until the bottle clips into position.
4. Keep the unit in a vertical position. Attach the unit to the car’s ventilation system. Do not attach the unit to tilted or horizontal ventilation grids.
5. Turn on the car ventilation system.
6. Regulate the fragrance intensity by rotating the diffuser.

Attention: Use only as directed. Ensure the unit is fixed correctly in a vertical position. Do not attach the unit on tilted or horizontal ventilation grids. Do not tilt the bottle. Tilting can cause leakage of perfume and subsequent damage to surfaces. In case of accidental leakage, dry immediately with a cloth. Ensure the unit does not interfere with any driving instruments. Avoid regulation of the fragrance while driving. Avoid direct contact of the fragrance oil with skin or eyes. In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash with plenty of water. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container.